The following description of COMPONENTS and MATERIALS will help the customer to better understand the qualities of the shoe:

UPPER (the upper part of the shoe) realised with calf skins with CHROMO FREE tannage, dyed and hand polished.
The inner part of the shoe will result of a light colour, because it is preferable to let the feet be in contact with the natural and colour-free skin and so it will not absorb any chemical substance of the colouring.
INSOLE (inner part, where the sole of the foot stays) in vegetal leather, flexible, transpirable and absorbent.
SOLE (inferior part of the shoe) in natural leather DYED IN THE PIT with natural tannins. Flexible and comfortable.
HEEL in leather with covering in anti-skid half-rubber.
“BLAKE” MANUFACTURING a sewing that assembles upper, insole and sole.

The model “MOC 01” is designed for a personalized instep in order to improve the comfort and the wearability.
PERSONALISED INSTEP ,because every foot is “unique” and often we need to find a compromise with the size to wear.
In the model “MOC 01”, on the contrary, exist for the same SIZE three different INSTEP, better specified next:
S = Small - slender feet
R = Regoular - normal feet
L = Large - stout feet